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Referral Partners: Request Inclusion.

This Website Inclusion Request is for out-of-area Referral Partners only. Local Charleston websites or sites with a local presence should see "Free Local Listing" or "Advertising".

Approved Referral Partners must be compatibly related to one or more of the following categories. Your site will be placed in the most appropriate category.

Hotels and Lodging
Real Estate Related
Tourism Websites
Travel Related

Guidelines For Inclusion in Our
List of Referral Resources.

1. Inclusion in Dream Charleston is at our sole discretion.
2. Accepted sites must provide relevant informative value.
3. Submitted websites practice spam-free methods.
4. Links to our Dream Charleston are appreciated but not required. The exclusive purpose is providing convenience to our website visitors. If you return a link to our site, create an anchor text and description that accurately describes our website.

Submission Request.

Our visitors often use misspellings and abbreviations for Charleston,
South Carolina including Charlston, Carlina, SC, So Carolina, So Car. Users
also use Low Country or Lowcountry to describe Charleston.
Those words are included for user convenience.


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